• 2023-10-27 15:09:42

Master-level Theater Class at Pure Art School

On the afternoon of August 30th, Julian Gelas, the master of theater from Avignon, France, and the director of the Black Oak Theater, along with Ms. Liang Liwen, a resident actor and theater producer at the Black Oak Theater, were invited to the Yinao Art Academy to give a world-class theater class.

Julien Gelas is the director, writer, musician, and philosopher of the Black Oak Theater in France. He is also an internationally renowned artist, avant-garde composer, and romantic pianist, known as a "musical genius." He is currently a pianist worth paying attention to in France.

Ms. Liang Liwen is a theater producer, actress, dancer, resident actor at the Black Oak Theater, and a special teacher at the Theater Studio.

《Beauty And The Beast》

During the theater class, Director Julien used the play "Beauty and the Beast" as a case study to share how theater directors approach creativity in terms of "director's creative concept", "lighting and stage design", "costumes and creative process", "originality and improvisation", "music and dance", and other aspects, helping students gain a deeper understanding of the director's role as a creative and imaginative leader.

During Director Julien's class, our students gain a deeper understanding of the director's role as a creative and imaginative leader.

As a resident actor at the Black Oak Theater, Ms. Liang Liwen shared her experience during the rehearsal of "Beauty and the Beast", showcasing how classic theater has embraced new forms of expression in today's high-tech and diverse society, such as the incorporation of high-tech lighting, rap, and rock elements, which make theater more accessible to a wider audience.

Later on, Ms. Liang Liwen led the students in some relaxation exercises. By imagining themselves in a peaceful natural environment and discovering small moments of beauty along the way, the students were encouraged to relax and calm their minds. This relaxation technique not only soothes the mood but also enhances their imagination, which is a fundamental skill for an art student.

Finally, Director Julian instructed YIAA students, "What the teacher taught you today is only a small part of your entire artistic career. More importantly, you need to practice and research continuously in your daily life. I hope everyone has a bright future。”

The academy invites French theater masters to YIAA's Classroom for teachers and students who studying performing arts. This not only allows YIAA students to experience the charm of the master classroom, but also allows YIAA teachers to absorb the teaching methods of international masters, providing students with a more international performing arts classroom.