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Academy Characteristics

Academic Courses

Arts and academic courses and BTEC curriculum, music, drama, dance and media vocational curriculum including Chinese and Western music classes, and western culture and customs, including general knowledge of the Arts.

Additional Language Courses

In addition to teaching in Chinese and English, the academy provides other language exercises such as French, German and Spanish to prepare students for studying and living abroad.

Three Core Vocational Majors

Music Department covers: Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Voice.
Media Department covers: Film and Television Directing and Production, Event Management, etc.
Performing Arts Department covers: Modern Dance, Classical Ballet, and Choreography,Opera, Drama; Musicals, Crossover singing and Acting.

Overseas Professors

Our teachers and visiting artists have rich experiences in their own fields. Some are from well know overseas universities and schools.

Master Class

Visiting International artists from all fields will visit the school to collaborate with teachers and students, provide professional development advice, and tap into students' artistic potential.

International Competition

YIAA organizes international arts competitions to provide students with opportunities and platforms to enhance their artistic learning and potential study abroad.

Summer School

Students participating in the summer school will improve their language skills whilst participating in a range of fun and inspiring Arts activities.

Academy Adviser

YIAA has a team of professional consultants to assist students make advanced planning for their dream of studying abroad in arts subjects.

Professor Recommendation Letters

YIAA has resources for cooperation with famous art schools, and outstanding students will have the opportunity to obtain a letter of recommendation from professors of famous international art schools.

Full Scholarship Program

To encourage outstanding students, the YIAA has a program that can provide full scholarships for students with demonstrated outstanding talent in the Arts.