Leading Team


Mr Cheung

Mr. Cheung has been in the education industry for nearly 50 years. He has served as the principal of aided primary schools for nearly 20 years. During this period, he was the chairperson of Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association. He has extensive school management experience and a comprehensive understanding of education reform and development. In recent years, he has been committed to promoting educational exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and mainland China, and actively promoting the integration of education in the Greater Bay Area.

Su Youcheng

Professor Su holds a master's degree in violin performance from the Royal Academy of Music. He is the first Chinese violinist to obtain a permanent seat in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. He has more than 30 years of chamber music and symphony performance experience and was once the director of arts festival.He has initiated and participated in a series of cutting-edge R&D projects, such as providing professional consultation for the first batch of staff from Hunan TV who travel to UK to learn production, participating in the research and development of Bournemouth University’s music digital simulation, combining VR, AIand animation technology applied and music and architectural design.

Professional Team

In order to make scholars different from their peers, and to achieve international teaching, we hire a large number of foreign professional tutors.

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