Educational Philosophy

Yin'ao Academy provides small class courses that integrate IGCSE and A level academic studies and the Arts. It offers four major electives in Music, Dance, Media, and Drama for students to explore, and develop expertise. Students can not only progress to professional Arts colleges with their related Arts skills, but also apply the Arts as a personal interest while seeking entry to top-ranking universities overseas.

We provide a high-quality educational environment to cultivate students' artistic skills and promote their personal growth. Students from the Academy may become artists or engage in all walks of life. Regardless of their future direction, Yin'ao Academy will develop student leadership skills, ignite their enthusiasm for the Arts, stimulate their creativity, and cultivate their artistic skills. We aim to integrate the Arts with cutting-edge technology to nurture students’ thinking skills, their artistic temperament and lay a solid foundation for their career and future development.

Our professional faculty team brings together well-known local and international tutors and teachers. YIAA provides a collaborative teaching and learning environment, as students pursue academic and Arts courses and are empowered to become impactful global citizens in the 21st century.

School’s Mission

Energize life through the Arts.

School’s Vision

YIAA is a school committed to being a World-class International Arts Academy inspired by the spirit of Mozart.


Empowering exceptional future artists with international mindedness through student centred teaching and learning.

School Motto

Cultivate virtues. Pursue the Arts. Strive for Excellence.

Core Values

YIAA graduates will enter world class Arts Colleges and Universities around the world with self-confidence and a skill set that will see them become important participants on the world stage. The following qualities and abilities will be fully reflected in Yin'ao graduates:


Passion can accomplish anything. We will inspire students to love their fields of study and wholeheartedly engage in learning. Additionally, we hope they will cherish the people around them, learn to respect and care for their parents and teachers. Only when students have a passion for life and enthusiasm for things can they find the motivation to learn.


Our academy values the uniqueness of every student, and therefore, we provide personalized education. Our curriculum and college planning teachers regularly engage in in-depth interviews with students to understand their personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. We tailor individualized learning plans and goals, unlocking their potential and allowing them to leverage their strengths.


Our teachers possess professional artistic backgrounds and extensive performance and teaching experience. They will assist students in acquiring the skills and qualities required by artists and help them overcome learning challenges. Under the guidance of our academy's teachers, students at SoundArt Academy will enhance their artistic proficiency, develop their own thinking patterns, and cultivate their communication, collaboration, and creativity skills.

Educational Objective

YIAA established the first A-level international curriculum art college in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. We center our teaching and practice around students' individual needs. We create internationalized courses for students and let students give full play to their strengths, and stimulate their learning. We aim to be the leading provider of specialist Performing Arts training which is combined with a rigorous academic education. We are dedicated to providing a challenging and diverse learning experience within a supportive environment. We will offer a multitude of opportunities for young people who show an outstanding talent for the Arts, whilst also recognizing the importance of academic studies.