Message from the Principal:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous Austrian musician from the 18th century created music full of joy, love and beauty."Mozart is music", Yin'ao Arts Academy Shenzhen (YIAA) aims to embrace the positive and creative spirit of Mozart.

Our students will study and live in a cheerful, supportive and stimulating learning environment located in the Greater Bay Area.

We provide special small class courses for students who have a passion for the Arts and they can select from four arts majors: Music, Dance, Drama and Media. The courses are guided and taught by professors, experts and artists from well-known colleges from around the world. We provide an education that allows every student to reach their potential artistically and academically. While educating students professionally, we will strengthen students’ leadership, self-confidence, mindfulness and creative abilities.

We will proudly host the "Mozart Youth International Arts Festival", which provides students and artists of YIAA with opportunities for international experience and exchanges. Also, we will organize music and dance master classes, international arts education forums, Music concerts and other artistic activities.

Our students will cultivate their artistic talents with strong virtues and with an international mindset. They will learn for life and pursue excellence.

Kindest regards,
Jane Tang, Executive Director